Pumpkin Carving 2012

Last night my husband and I carved pumpkins for Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday. He loves scary movies, haunted houses, scaring others, candy, pretty much everything about Halloween. However, it’s been years since we carved pumpkins. The last time we did, it was hard and frustrating and we both walked away in less of a festive mood than we began. So I was tentative to mention pumpkin carving this year but it’s been a long time and I thought it might be worth a try. This year we had a weapon we didn’t have last time … iPhones.

He googled pumpkin carving tips while I was out buying the pumpkins and the carving kit. I was excited to find that large pumpkins were only $6 each at Publix and that was $6 for any pumpkin in the box. So, of course, I bought the biggest pumpkins in the box. (I was going to get my money’s worth out of it!) The best tips he found were to (a) make sure that the pumpkin is well cleaned out before you begin carving and (b) take your time. This, too, meant I got my money’s worth because we were at the table for a solid four hours. There was one short break in there when the hubs had to run to the store to buy another pumpkin carving kit because we’d broken both of the saws from the first kit. Again, worth the $4.50.

I picked an easy pattern from hgtv. I know I’m not good at this and it frustrated me last time so I wanted to try something easy that I thought I could do. His was not so easy but it was oh so him. I’m not sure where he found it but he used a pattern for the Ghostbusters logo. The tips he found helped a lot. We took our time, talked, laughed, and gave each other tips. The only tip I would add here is that if you find something like the Ghostbusters logo, make sure to carve the eyes, mouth, and chin first. If you do it last, the pumpkin is kind of loose and you run the risk of it breaking. We found this out the hard way. Luckily, nothing broke, but it was touch and go for awhile.

Here are the finished products:

2012 Mitchell Jack-o-Lanterns



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