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I love to cook! These are some recipes and stories I’ve experienced in the kitchen or with food. Enjoy!

Samoa Cupcakes

I know I’ve said this is a site about my own opinions which means it’s odd to post on something I’ve made.

Good news is, this is my site, so I can do odd things.

I’ve made these bad boys a few times now. They’re, hands down, my favorites. Samoa Cupcakes. You know the Girl Scout Samoa cookies? Chocolate, caramel, and coconut goodness? It’s all of those things wrapped into a cupcake. I know some people don’t prefer coconut. I don’t understand those people but I know there are some out there who feel that way. I’m just not one of them.

I’ve never made these when they didn’t come out perfectly. They rise a good bit so it’s best not to fill the cups too full. Here’s the link to where I found the original recipe. You should give these guys a try. They’ll make it into your normal rotation of cupcakes … assuming you’re like me and have such a thing.


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